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Chamber Advantage: How To Win Clients and Influence People With Your Chamber of Commerce Membership

by Richard Emmons


Your Proven Plan To Earn Trust, Influence, and Clients With Your Chamber Membership

In these turbulent times, you can’t afford to waste time or money growing your business. You need to work smart and turbo-charge your word of mouth advertising in your city. Now you can do that by maximizing your chamber of commerce membership.

Most local businesses don’t join their chamber of chamber. By joining your chamber, you gain an instant advantage over your non-chamber competitors. When you get known and liked by other chamber members, you gain a double advantage. There is nothing complicated about the steps to take. You just need to know what to do and start doing them. In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Easy ways to get known by your local chamber staff and volunteers
  • How to maximize free advertising at your chamber
  • How to avoid the #1 rookie mistake made at chamber networking events
  • A guaranteed way to be remembered at networking events
  • Ways to introduce yourself to standout, be yourself, and never be boring
  • How your state chamber protects your business from job-killing taxes and regulations
  • A 3-step sales process to get new clients without annoying chamber members
  • How to collect and give testimonials to build your business and reputation
  • How volunteering your time can catapult your community influence
  • How a friendly competitor can give you a fat retirement or a fast growing business quickly
  • And a whole lot more

For hundreds of years, Chambers of Commerce have helped local businesses survive, thrive, and prosper through good times and bad. By following the simple steps in this little book, your business will survive and thrive now and in the years ahead. 

Praise For Chamber Advantage...

“You offer valuable information on networking, advertising, public speaking, and developing your business to stand out from competitors.” —Nikki Boccelli

"This book super easy to read, straightforward, and easy to understand. It’s written in a way where even I could understand it, someone with absolutely no experience with this. It’s simple without being condescending, and it’s not overly academic or business-y. He walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know, explaining clearly all the steps and providing convenient fill-in-the-blanks at the end of the chapters to guide you along the way. Overall a great intro level book on the chamber of commerce." —Analia Kaufman

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Work Smart Press




Business Communication-General

Marketing Research


9"(l) x 6"(w) x .29"(h)

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