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​Marketing Survival Guide: Be Unique, Get Noticed, and Double Your Sales Without Wasting Money On Advertising

Yes, you can double your sales and escape the rat race. And you can do it without doubling your advertising budget or the hours you work. If you sincerely want to grow your sales and profits, you must improve your advertising. That's reality. Especially during these ​very challenging times​.

Do you need to hire an experienced and expensive marketing consultant for this? No. You already ​understand your market and know your clients. You just need help learning and applying proven marketing strategies in your business. By effectively targeting your best clients, you can quickly grow your sales and profits. ​​​​Click here for more information.

​52 Things To Do In Southern Oregon

When you work smart during the work week you free up time to play on the weekend. This book gives you 52 ways to spend a Saturday in Southern Oregon. Go enjoy the rugged Pacific coast, mountain hikes, the wild and scenic Rogue River, Crater Lake National Park and so much more. Click here for more information

Richard wrote this book as part of his online high school course for the Ron Paul Curriculum. Among other business skills acquired, students write and publish a Kindle book on Amazon.com. ​Learn more about this course at HighSchoolBiz.com.

Chamber Advantage: How To Gain Maximum Value From Your Chamber of Commerce Membership [Coming Soon]

​Becoming known, liked, and trusted in your community can take years if you go it alone or cost tens of thousands of dollars if you do it through advertising. Alternately, you can do it quickly, easily, and affordably by maximizing your membership in your local chamber of commerce.

In these turbulent times, you can't afford to waste time or waste money. You need to work smart and turbocharge your word of mouth advertising. This book shows you how.