Marketing Survival Guide by Richard Emmons

Finally, Local Business Owners Can Escape the Rat Race!

“Will I need to double the hours I work?” No! 
“Will I need to hire an expensive marketing consultant?” No!

You just need to think and act like a marketing consultant.

​In ​the Marketing Survival Guide, you’ll ​learn proven marketing strategies that will set your business apart from your competitors, double the effectiveness of your ads, and keep you connected with your clients so they’ll buy more from you.

Praise For Marketing Survival Guide…

“With what I’ve learned in Marketing Survival Guide, I feel equipped to market my business successfully to my target prospects. It would take me years to accumulate such a ‘marketing toolkit’ for my business. I now think like a marketer. Instead of throwing away my junk mail, I study it to see what I can learn about copywriting and graphic design.” —Lindsay Bassett, author and software consultant

“If you’re ready to grow your business, be your own marketing consultant, and keep the big marketing-consultant-bucks in your own pocket—then this is the book for you.” —Audrey Isbell, founder of AVA Virtual Assistance

“Marketing Survival Guide is unlike any other marketing book I’ve ever read, so helpful, so easy to read, that I’m just plain liking it. So many areas covered such as USP, core story, elevator pitch, fonts, copywriting, CRM software. All areas that many business owners just wing it and hope for the best.” —John Lamy, Lamy Consulting

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